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Friday, 29 January 2010

Radders' Rants

Every now and then it is good to let off steam - I am sure you would agree. That is the whole point of Radder's Rants!!! Jenny tells me I am opinionated (I am but that's the way I was made). Every now and then (well OK nearly every day) I will hear or read something that annoys me and I will go on about it (don't know I'm doing it) until Jenny will look at me and say, "Radders you're ranting again." Which, of course is her way of telling me to shut up! So the point is I am going to post my rants here instead of bending her ear and I welcome you to post a rant or reply to one too. So go on let off some steam or have a laugh at yourself - It will do you good!


  1. My first rant has come about because I have been ill and off work for five days. Now I have had pounding headaches and my mouth looks like it has been stung by a thousand bees (cold sores everywhere) I was sweating that much in bed that Jenny said she felt like she was in a swimming pool, my temperature was sky high and yet I am not ill. That's right, not ill! According to some people I cannot be ill because I am a man therefore it must be 'man flu'. What a ridiculous thing to say. Every time I hear a woman say that it makes me feel so mad! Whether you like it or not girls, men do sometimes get genuinely ill! And I know having a baby is a thousand times worse but hey, I CAN'T HELP BEING A MAN!!!! Rant over.

  2. I was in the shop today when I noticed the front page of a national rag (newspaper) and was disgusted to see that the slapper Jordan has been offered £1.8million for rights to her 'wedding pictures' with jar head Alex Reid!! WTF! she will divorce him the following year and the glossies will pay her £xxxxx for the divorce interviews. Is she getting married for the right reasons? For crying out loud she stated two weeks ago that she was dumping Alex??? The press in this country are just a gravy train and Jordan is mopping it all up with the bread she has made. She and the press make me sick. Rant over.

  3. I don't watch T.V. much but I saw an advert tonight with Jamie Oliver and I was saddened to see he has sold out to money! For the last couple of years he has been harping on about feeding our kids with quality food in his campaign for good school food and there he is promoting Sainsbury's bolognese sauce in a jar! Processed crap! Sorry Jamie but you are a hypocrite and I have lost respect for you. Rant over.

  4. Splashed all over the papers again is the affairs of John Terry EX England captain. He says he is 'devastated' and 'gutted'. What a clown! he doesn't know the meaning of the words. I hope one day he returns from 'work' and I use that term very loosely to find his wife, in bed with one or more of his Chelsea team 'mates' and then he may understand the meaning of the words he so casually spouts to the press. Go buy yourself a pair of jeans for 5K John or go to the bookies and blow 30k on one horse and I am sure you will feel better. You make me feel sick. Rant over.

  5. I read in a TV magazine today about a Cutting Edge documentary on C4 this week. The programme covers the 'where there's a blame there's a claim' culture. I am both saddened and maddened at this growing pathetic culture, fuelled by greedy solicitors and daytime TV. One case shows a boy at school who's parents received £2,250 because he stubbed his toe in the playground, playing football! Cases like this will eventually lead to playtime being banned because schools won't be able to afford the insurance! Bouncy castles at the summer fete, donkey rides at the seaside and being allowed to throw snowballs in the winter are all activities which are in serious danger of disappearing because of the lucrative blame/claim madness that is changing our society forever. It truly is a sad, sad age.

  6. Our society has totally lost all sense of right and wrong. Political correctness and human rights campaigners should hold their head's in shame! John Venables (age 10+) took part in the torture, dismemberment and brutal murder of a boy aged just two. When caught he was locked away for just eight years in almost hotel conditions before being released upon the general public as 'no longer a danger to society'. He was given a new identity and Police protection at a cost of millions to the tax-payer and now he has been arrested for being involved in child pornography. This 'man' is a vile beast and should be put to death immediately. When are our judges going to get real and realise that beasts like Venables don't change they just get worse. If any human rights promoters are reading this I hope you are happy with your victories because if it weren't for the likes of you then James Bulger, God rest his soul may still be alive today, enjoying the kind of happy life that YOU don't deserve. Rant over.



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