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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Mackerel rarebit *Very easy

This, of course is not real rarebit which is actually melted cheese with various extras poured over toasted bread but mackerel rarebit sounds better than mackerel and cheese on toast! This recipe is one of the quickest, most delicious snacks ever and it is really good for you too! I 'invented' this myself and have tweaked it into the gorgeous treat it is today. There is not much else to say really, except give it a whirl and you won't be disappointed!!

Serves 2 as a snack or supper.


1 tin of mackerel fillets in tomato sauce
100g of grated mature cheddar cheese
1 large ripe tomato sliced                                  
2 slices of wholegrain bread
A glug of extra virgin olive oil
A sprinkling of fresh ground black pepper
Some small, fresh cut onion rings


1) Put the bread under a medium grill and toast until golden brown (both sides)
2) Take the toast out, tip a glug of olive oil onto it and spread evenly
3) Mash the mackerel in a dish and spread evenly over the toast
4) Top with the cheese then the tomato
5) Grind some fresh black pepper over each slice
6) Pop it back under the grill and toast until the cheese is bubbling
7) Remove from the grill and garnish with the onion rings then serve

So there you have it your very own mackerel rarebit!

Tips: Serve with some fresh rocket salad, pimento stuffed green olives and a glass of fresh juice for a really healthy delicious lunch! If you are not keen on mature cheddar then simply replace it with your favourite cheese. If you don't like tomatoes then it is nice with sliced mushrooms instead - Experiment!!!

I recommend that you use free range and organic produce for every recipe, diet, juice and detox found within this site. There is no substitute for good quality food!

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