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Monday, 16 November 2009

The great debate

Is organic and free range food really a good choice?

Because of recent studies (2009) published across Europe, some people have been left in doubt as to whether or not organic/free range produce is actually healthier for them. Whilst these studies have concluded that the nutritional value is no different from non organic/free range produce, there can be no doubt that consuming organic/free range produce is much better for you, the animals involved and the planet! Please take time to consider the following:

Toxic: Do some basic research and you will quickly find that non organic produce, whatever that may be, is loaded with chemical nasties. Vegetables are loaded with pesticides and meat/poultry is loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones. The milk you drink (txt) and The milk you drink (video) sheds some light on just one common 'food', milk. Facts are starting to emerge about the safety of lots of everyday, simple foods that we have always taken for granted! And some of it is scary stuff.

Welfare: Again, do some basic research into the welfare of non free range meat and poultry and you will be HORRIFIED at the way these poor animals are reared and slaughtered. I am not a vegetarian but I buy true free range meat, poultry and eggs (from a local organic farm) - I refuse to support the barbaric way in which non free range animals are treated. Further reading This forced lifestyle with all the growth hormones, routine antibiotics and poor quality food has an affect on the quality and taste of the meat, but more importantly, it can affect your health quite seriously too!

Planet Health: How long can mankind continue to dominate this planet with such ferocious wanton greed? Just 30 years ago meat was a rarity at the table usually being enjoyed fresh only on one day and the leftover being consumed for the next few days. How that has changed! In the average household today, across the developed world, meat is consumed daily, sometimes twice daily. To supply this ever growing need more grazing land is needed - leading to deforestation and all its inherent problems. The amount of chemicals we plough into the land and animal feed is starting to affect every ecosystem on the planet, poisoning us all. This is not to mention all the fossil fuel used to transport and package everything! It cannot be argued that with a growing population more food is needed but we need to step back and think about environmentally friendly, sustainable agriculture going forward.

Taste test: Buy some true (not washed in chlorine) organic carrots and some non organic carrots. Wash them thoroughly and slice them. Offer a portion of each to your friends and family and I promise you they will pick the organic every time when asked which taste best/have best texture/colour. Cook an organic free range chicken breast next to a caged hen chicken breast then look at the size difference when cooked and the taste is non comparable. Some cheap chicken is so poor I am surprised it passes as meat!

Conclusion: Although I am a believer in the virtues of true organic, free range produce, I am not here to try and make your mind up for you in any way, I have simply published further already established FACTS to try and get you thinking about the realities of food today. But, I ask you please to take the time out and research the above for YOURSELF. In this way you can make an informed decision about whether or not organic, free range produce is for you.

Are there any health benefits to organic? The truth about organic: Interesting short video.

I recommend that you use free range and organic produce for every recipe, diet, juice and detox found within this site. There is no substitute for good quality food!

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  1. I totally agree with you on this. I used to buy the caged chicken breasts to cook (the particulary cheap supermarket brands) and for quite a while they got me by. I suppose i had eaten them for so long i didn't really know any different. Then on one of my weekly shopping trips i noticed the cheap brands were sold out the day so went for the free range. Man, i have never brought caged again. It was like a banquet that night i can tell you. Compared to free range the caged breasts are watery and tasteless. When cooked the meat doesn't even resemble chicken, more like meat substitute. Needless to say i have brought free range ever since. Same goes for vegetables. True in some cases they may cost a little more but the taste not to mention the health benifits more than make up for this. You think althletes eat watered down meat and processed veg. Do they hell. If you want to be healthy your diet is your main starting point. Luckily good food tastes great so its win win.
    Some good points above, look forward to looking through the rest of the site.



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